Bushfire shutters Wollongong

Bushfire shutters

Bushfire shutters in Wollongong are designed to be fireproof in order to protect home owners and property from potential bush fires. Protection against bush fires have become increasingly important for a growing number of home owners who choose to enjoy the surreal and calm life of the country or a semi-rural area over the bustling urban sprawl. However, the close proximity to high vegetation and wooded areas also increases the chances of being affected by bushfires which makes our fire shutters in Wollongong such an important safety mechanism. These shutters become even more important when you take into consideration the latest series of bushfires which devastated many Australian states, which is why these shutters are such a vital safety tool.

A wide range of fire shutters in Wollongong

At Rhino Shutters we manufacture as well as sell a range of high quality bush fire shutters in the country. Our products are designed from the ground up with safety and durability in mind which ensures the ultimate in protection especially against devastating fires which are known to cause widespread property damage. That said every shutter we sell has been designed with the highest Australian standards in mind which means that they protect your home and its belongings against the sun as they do against noise and intruders alike.

Our fire shutters sold in Wollongong and other places all comply with the latest AS3959-2009 Australian standard. This is the latest standard implemented by the government to make buildings safer against bushfires. These are especially applicable to those areas which are more prone to these types of fires. However, regardless of if you live in an area where these bush fire shutters are mandatory to install or not, it is highly recommended that you get them installed just so that your home is secured.

We currently sell some of the highest quality products which have been extensively tested by the CSIRO. Plus we ensure top quality by using only the highest quality materials to manufacture these products to ensure both intrusion and fire resistance. We invite everyone to go through our extensive gallery which showcase examples of our work. You are also invited to read our customer testimonials to get a better idea of the protection our products have been offering others.

Lighting control

In addition to providing protection against fires our bushfire shutters in Wollongong also protect the inside of your home against UV rays through the window, this prevents damage to your carpets, drapes and furnishings. Because they can be adjusted to just about any height you control how much light enters the room which minimizes damage to your home’s inside.

Added Privacy

Roller shutters are also great at providing privacy to you and your family at any time of the day and or night. Since you control how much of the inside can be seen from the outside. This also helps to prevent intruders from looking into your home with malicious intent. In addition, because these shutters are hard to break burglaries become increasingly difficult since these work as a deterrent.

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