Seven Reasons to consider our Roller Shutters

Windows protection for every home and every season:
1.Extreme climate conditions are quite common in Australia, especially during the summer and winter months. You may have found that heat and cold enters or escapes your home through your windows and doors. By using roller shutters you can instantly improve the installation qualities of your home.

You can reduce summer heat entering through your windows by 90% and reduce heat loss by up to 70%. This ultimately reduces costs on your heating and cooling your home all year around.

2.Extra security against intruders
We have all read the media reports that burglaries and home invasions are on the increase. No longer can you consider your home a safe haven. But with our roller shutters you home can once again be your castle. Once fully closed, our roller shutters make it very difficult for any intruders

3.More privacy for your family
Roller shutters also provide you and your family with the privacy you deserve. Both during the day and night you have total control over the amount of privacy you require from within the comfort of your home. And our roller shutters are designed to reduce the noise levels by up to 50%, giving your family a quiet and comfortable level environment.

4.More control over light
When the sun’s UV rays enter through windows, this can be damaging to your furnishings, carpets, and drapes. Roller shutters can easily be adjusted to any height allowing in desired amount of light, minimizing any furniture of fixture damage, and giving your control of light in your home.

5.Protect against accidents
And broken windows can be a thing of the past, especially for those families with children who love playing outdoors, or who live in areas that experience stormy weather. If you live in the hills or heavy scrub areas. Rollers shutters can even help with protecting your home during the bushfire season.

6.A superior paint finish
All our roller shutters offer a better painting finish ideal for the harsh Australian climate, because they are taken through our state of the art. Three-stage paint process which includes 1)pre-treatment, 2) a base coat and 3) clear coat lacquer, we offer arrange of 11 architectural colours, so our roller shutters complement most home colour schemes

7. Quality roller shutters
Our products takes pride in the way it manufactures the highest quality roller shutters, by only sourcing the best components and highest quality aluminum coils and extrusions from world leading suppliers. All our roller shutters have guarantee of product quality and consistency with our 5 years roller shutter guarantee!