Commercial Roller Shutter

At Rhino Shutter, we offer high-quality commercial roller shutters that you require to prevent burglaries and unwanted access to your office, bank, warehouse, retail store, shopping complex, clubs, pubs, storage areas, cafes, etc. Our commercial product range is our specialty and is custom-made to suit your property needs. We have a large range of security shutters designed for commercial use. All of them are proven to be highly effective in deterring intruders. Each of our shutters has its own specification and is meant for a specific need.

Commercial Roller ShutterBurglars have become smart these days and have started using high-tech tools to get access to even highly secured areas. We understand how difficult it is to deal with them and therefore, manufacture strongest possible roller shutters that are made of heavy-duty aluminium. They have heavy bottom bar, heavy-duty extruded guide, and extruded profile to provide supreme protection. Apart from burglars and unwanted intruders, our commercial roller shutters also protect your premises from pests and dust. They protect your expensive glass windows and doors that are more prone to damage. They are a perfect solution for all forms of commercial properties.

Our rollers are very strong and durable but they are very convenient to operate. You don’t have to spend a lot of energy every time you want to open or shut your premises. They can be operated manually or automatically through a switch or a remote control. Their operation, locking, and unlocking mechanism can be customized according to your requirement.
All our products meet the highest Australian quality standards. Being a fully licensed and certified manufacturer, we are totally committed to offer you high quality yet affordable aluminium high quality shutterproducts. Each of our roller shutters is tested by CSIRO. They have an eye-catching look and are available in many attractive colors to match your property’s overall look. The shutters are powder coated and will not rust. Our products are weather resistant and come with 5 years guarantee. They require minimum maintenance and will last for years without requiring much repair work. Quality is our top priority and we have never compromised with it. Check out our testimonials to get an idea of how satisfied our previous clients were.
Along with manufacturing commercial roller shutters, we also offer installation services. We do not use subcontractors. Instead, we prefer doing everything by ourselves. Our installers are trained and licensed professionals who are well equipped with latest machinery that they require to offer you high quality and hassle-free installation services. They are insured professionals with a clean background record. All of them are committed to follow all relevant safety guidelines to assure you a safe job. We are available 24 x 7 and would be happy to work after office hours or during weekends so that we don’t cause much inconvenience to your people and customers.

If you are looking for commercial roller shutters, call us at 0499 992 187 for an obligation free measurement and quote. We also manufacture a wide variety of window and door shutters for residential use.

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