Security Roller Shutter

The crime rates are alarming and if you are worried about the safety of your family or commercial premises, it’s high time you must install our security roller shutters. They are an ideal solution for enhancing the safety of your people and valuables and are suitable for almost everyone and every place, be it a your home, your office, banks, retail outlets, hospitals, farm houses, shopping centres, warehouses, industrial buildings, and others. We sell the strongest shutters available in the entire NSW region and therefore, be assured that they will prevent unwanted intrusion into your premises.

We have security shutters to suit all your needs

Do you have extra-large glass windows that are prone to intrusions? Do you have a small backdoor that needs to be secured? Are you the owner of a retail centre with a large front door? Whatever be the size of your doors or windows, we have the right solution for you. Our security roller shutters are custom-made and therefore, they will exactly fit your property needs. They are high effective physical barriers and can be operated from inside as well as from outside.

Our products are easy to operate

We sell both manual as well as automatic roller shutters. All our products use high quality motorization and can be fully operated even on a very low voltage ensuring that they are always operational. You can choose the solar models so that they work even during power failure. They come with a 5 years guarantee. Their heavy duty bottom bars make intrusion near to impossible.

Our security rollers are sure to complement the look of your property

Security is more important and we know you are willing to buy almost anything that guarantees you safety. However, you don’t have to compromise with products that affect the look of your home. Our security roller shutters are available in many attractive colors that are sure to go well with the overall look of your home.

With more than 10 colors, we sell the most elegant yet strong and durable security shutters in the entire Sydney region. Contact us today for an obligation free measurement and quote.

Our products meet highest Australian quality and safety standards

We manufacture the finest quality shutters that will make your premises intrusion proof. We use best quality heavy-duty Aluminium and roller motors so that our products serve the purpose that they are meant for. Our products are tested and approved by CSIRO. They comply with Australian standards. They look great and do not require much maintenance. Our security roller shutters are powder coated and therefore, will be able to bear harsh weather conditions.

We provide high quality installation services

Our team is fully trained to offer you quality services. They have access to wide range of tools that help them do their work faster and with more accuracy. Our installation work will not affect the look of your home and you will require minimum or no renovation or remodeling. Read some of our customer testimonials to know more about the quality of products and services that we offer. Feel free to ask for references.

We are available 24 X 7. Call us at 0499 992 187 to know more about our products.